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BACK NEXTRear Wheel Bearing replacement


dm11.jpg (37395 bytes)

This is the business end.

dm12.jpg (35645 bytes)

As you can see I have a bracket hanging from my hugger. It was for a chain lube device but then I discovered the joy of chain wax & not having to clean oil off the wheel after every ride.

dm14.jpg (36625 bytes)

I have removed the bracket to allow the hugger to move which makes it easier to remove the sprocket.

dm15.jpg (36625 bytes)

I've removed the rear brake torque rod pinch bolt for reasons we shall see later.

dcp_0001.jpg (37626 bytes)

I have removed the axle nut & the sprocket carrier. If I wasn't going to change the sprocket I could have just left it on the carrier & removed them together.


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